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(Trilleachan means "Sandpiper" in Scottish Gaelic)

Meet Doug MacMartin

The images that you see in this gallery are my product, my name is Doug MacMartin and I am proud to share them with you. My interest with cameras and photography began almost 30 years ago. For those 30 years my camera was with me almost every day as it was an integral part of my professional life. During those years I began to branch out during my non-working time into areas of particular interest to me personally, mostly wildlife and scenery photography. A few years back I entered a photography contest in the Shetland Islands of Scotland and one of my photos won a prize. After the contest I decided to finally exhibit my work and what you see in this gallery is a culmination of that decision. At this time I spend my time exploring new opportunities in the Faroe Islands and elsewhere to capture the rich tradition of cultures and the beauty and uniqueness of nature and sharing these images with you.


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