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(Trilleachan means "Sandpiper" in Scottish Gaelic)


Ceud Mile Failte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes), to this gallery dedicated to capturing the uniqueness of our world. The main subject of this gallery is Scotland, with an additional gallery dedicated to its North Atlantic neighbor, the Faroe Islands. The country of Scotland has a long and rich history of man's struggle to adapt to a rugged land that spans from the Shetland Island chain in the far north to the border with England in the south, and from the western outposts of isolated St. Kilda and the Outer Hebrides to the beautiful and rolling East Coast of the mainland of Scotland. The Faroe Island chain sits approximately 200 miles West/Northwest of Shetland and almost halfway between Iceland and Norway. The Faroe Islands boasts a rugged and stunning landscape inhabited by a people who can directly trace their ancestry to the Vikings. The Faroe Island chain makes up a total of 18 islands covering approximately 545 square miles and is 70 miles long and 47 miles wide, roughly the shape of an arrowhead. There is a total of 687 miles of coastline and highest peak in the Faroe Islands is 2,883 feet above sea level. In addition to these two main galleries, there is an additional small gallery including photos of Scandinavia and a small gallery including photos of the State of Montana. Please stay in touch as the galleries are regularly being added to. The photos are for sale and can be purchased by clicking onto them once you enter an album. Thank you for visiting this gallery and I welcome any comments or suggestions.


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